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Chamber Music

A Practical Answer (2008); flute, 2 clarinets in Bb, alto saxophone,  bassoon, trumpet,

  piano, violoncello, double bass

Adeliesong (2005); two clarinets (Bb/A)

Carpe Diem (2007); string quartet (also version for string orchestra)

Chamber Concerto (2002); flute, clarinet in Eb, bass clarinet, bass trombone,

  violoncello, double bass

Chris e Ciara (2008); violin, viola, violoncello

Clarinet Carol (2002); clarinet in Bb, triangle, piano

Continuum II (2010); clarinet quartet

Continuum III (2021); brass quartet (2 trumpets; trombone; euphonium)

Conversations and Monologues (2008); two oboes

Four Aphorisms (2002); clarinet in Eb/bass clarinet, percussion
Geis (2001); bass clarinet, French horn, bass trombone, violoncello, double bass

Glittering Fragments (1995); string quartet

Hopscotch (2001); flute, piano

He Awa Whiria (2021); violin, violoncello, piano

Katabatic (2004); clarinet in Eb, bass clarinet, French horn, bass trombone,

  violoncello, double bass

Lick (2005); solo bass clarinet

Matakite (1997); flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb, French horn, bassoon

Monody from "The Feast of Christ the King" (2010); solo clarinet (Bb/A)

One Brief Shining Moment (Symphony no.2) (2010); flute, alto flute, clarinet in Bb,

  bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, piano, viola, violoncello,

  double bass

Partita (1995); violin, pre-recorded tape

Partita for Solo Cello (1996); solo violoncello

Prelude (1996); trumpet, piano

Prelude and Toccata (1991); flute, piano

Sarabande and Allegro (2013); violin, violoncello, piano

Satyr's Dance (1999); solo flute

Sax Quartet (2010); saxophone quartet

Seismic Shifts (2011); oboe (or trumpet), string quartet

Shibui (2010); viola, string orchestra; (2012) version for viola and piano

Sonatine for Two Clarinets (1995); 2 clarinets, (Bb/A)

String Quartet no. 2 (1996); string quartet

Tarantella (2015); solo clarinet (Bb/A)

The Ice Is Singing (2017); violin, marimba

Three Antarctic Sketches (2005); violin, violoncello

Three Cameos for Solo Clarinet (2001); solo clarinet (Bb/A)       

Three Short Pieces for Woodwind Trio (1987); flute, clarinet in Bb, bassoon

Two Short Arias (2005); flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb, piano

Voluntary (2011); 2 oboes, cor anglais, bassoon, contrabassoon



A Pohutukawa Carol (1997); choir (single melodic line), piano/digital recording; (also version for      solo voice and piano)

Agnus Dei (2016); SSA; (2017) version for SATB

Antarctic Spirit (2019); SATB

Beati Mundo Corde (1994); SSAA

By The Fire (2016); SATB

Cantata Antarctica (2023); tenor, SATB, orchestra

Christmas Bells (2000); SSA, piano; (also version for solo voice and piano)

Elegy for a Fallen City (2011); version for SATB; piano

In Flanders Fields (1993); S(orTr)ATB; (also version for solo voice and piano)

Magnificat (1998); choir, piano (4 hands)

O Magnum Mysterium (1992); S(or Tr)ATB

O Mistress Mine (1996); SSA, piano

Our Revels Now Are Ended (1995); SSAA

Requiem: In Nomine Patris (2001/02); soprano, tenor, SATB, percussion ensemble, piano, organ
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (1996); S(or Tr)ATB

Three Sea Chanties (2019); SATB

Three Shakespeare Songs (1997); SATB

Timeless Land (2011); SATB

Southward (2006); SATBarB


Concert Band

Heroes (1997)

Saturday Samba (1998)



Flute Concerto (1999/2002); flute, chamber orchestra

Meccanismi del Arte (Cello Concerto) (2002); violoncello, orchestra

Whakapapa (Concerto for Flute, Guitar & Strings) (2002); flute, guitar, string orchestra


Film and Multimedia

Adelie Rhapsody (2011); digital recording

Admit One (1999); film soundtrack

Giant Jimmy Jones (2003); digital recording

Kitty (2002); film soundtrack

Lemi's Comic Strip Capers (1997); film soundtrack


Orchestra (full symphony orchestra unless otherwise stated)

Ancestral Voices (2001)

Arena Fanfare (2011)

Carpe Diem (2008); version for string orchestra

Clarion (2009); with brass ensemble

Continuum I (2002)

Continuum IV (2023)

Cryosphere (2006)

Ex Tenebris Lux: From the Darkness Comes Light (Symphony no. 3) (2015)

Fanfare for a Frozen Land (2005)

Fiesta! (2006); with samba band

First Light (1992)

Gokståd Echoes (2010); with solo violoncello

Iceflight (2005)

Kitty's Three Piece Suite (2003)

Kyrie for the Solemn Mass of Christmas Day (2012); string orchestra with chimes

Lithosphere (Symphony no.1) (2017)

My Favourite Things (2013); string orchestra

Not Of This Time (2020); string orchestra

Pavane (2008); with recorder ensemble

Rehua (2019); with soprano and putataara

Rhapsody for Carolyn & Tim (2013); revision for soprano saxophone and string orchestra

Sinfonia da Camera (2010); string orchestra

Sinfonietta (2005)

Sword Dance (2020)

The Haunting (2007); with bagpipes

Two Seven Two One (2016); string orchestra

Under the Gingko Tree (2019)

Waiting for Hercules (2017)


After Ulysses (2019)

Wedding Anthem (1993)



Clocking On (2002)

Jongleurs (1998)

Sonatine (1995)

Three Polar Pieces (2007)  

Three Short Pieces for Piano (1984)

Three Sketches from the East (1993)

Meditation I & II (2005)

Valse Triste (1992)

Variations on "The Keel Row" (2011)



Dear Felix (1996); stage musical

Poles Apart (2016); chamber opera

Santa's Workshop (1997); ballet
Tramps (1994); stage musical



A Pohutukawa Carol (2007); version for solo voice and piano

Arawata Bill (2015); tenor, piano

Christmas Bells (2012); version for soprano and piano

Elegy for a Fallen City (2011); soprano; piano (also version for SATB, piano)

Five Japanese Songs (1991); mezzo-soprano, piano

George McCulloch (2018); baritone, string orchestra

In Flanders Fields (2013); version for soprano and piano

In Years Defaced (2012); soprano, piano

Rehua ki te Whenua (2017); voice, guitar

So Sweet Love Seemed (1984); mezzo-soprano, piano

Three Miniatures to Love (1994); mezzo-soprano, clarinet in Bb, piano

To One Persuading a Lady to Marriage (2010); voice, piano

Up in the Morning Early (2018); baritone, string orchestra


Young Performers

Durian Blues (2021); recorders, ukuleles, percussion ensemble

If I Believe (2005); children's chorus, piano

Kaiapoi North School Song (2009); voice, piano

Pip The Penguin (2015); children's chorus, egg shaker, piano

Promise You Won't Forget (2003); voice, piano

Shinging Star (2010); voice, digital recording

Sing Your Song! (2009); voice, piano

Song of the Plains (2001); children’s chorus, junior orchestra



Abby's Music Box (1999); digital recording

Elegy for Lesley  (2018); soprano saxophone, digital recording

Free Spirit  (2018); clarinet in Bb, digital recording

Lily's Lullaby (2011); digital recording             

Lullaby for Danielle (1994); digital recording

Lullaby for James (2002); digital recording

Lullaby for Tsumugi (2020); digital recording

Meghan's Nursery Suite (1998); digital recording

Rhapsody for Carolyn and Tim (2001); tenor saxophone, digital recording

Wedding Waltz for Danielle & Aidan (2019); soprano saxophone, digital recording

Concert Band
Young Performers
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